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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mylar experiments

I just finished another mylar piece in between jobs. Some of these mylar pieces are a bit older but I don't think I've posted them on this blog yet.

These are really just for my own personal experimentation and to hopefully evolve more as an artist. The process is quite chaotic -if you could even call it a process. I try not to expect or anticipate any result and just rely on intuition when I work on these. Obviously , you don't need mylar to do this, but the surface is quite forgiving and allows for some serious abuse.

I don't really consider these paintings or drawings or sketches....they kind of live in some weird space in-between which I like.

Thanks for checking these out -S.


Daniel Cruit said...

Never done more than one piece on mylar, a really cool surface for sure! And these are some beautiful pieces. Did you just put a piece of white paper behind while working?

Scott Altmann said...

Daniel -Thanks so much! And you are exactly correct- I just put a few sheets of white paper beneath , and it gives it a bit more bounce too. Great work on your blog btw!

Scott Brundage said...

Niiice Scott. Love the eyes on the first one expecially. Looks like you are having a ball on these.