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Monday, November 19, 2012

Phoenix New Times- Arpaio Deathbringer

It is always a pleasure to get a call from Peter at Phoenix New Times as I know I'll be drawing something that might make someone mad.

Peter wanted to do an image of Arizona Sheriff Arpaio standing on a mountain of skulls or skeletons to reflect his disdain of immigrants and how many actually die in his prisons. Arpaio was running for re-election, and the goal was to inform voters of his absurd past. Read the guy's Wiki page; it includes gems such as staging an assassination as a publicity stunt?!?

I usually send Peter some really rough layouts from which we settle on a composition for a tight sketch; this saves a bit of time. Peter asked for versions with just skulls and full skeletons:
(click to enlarge)

Peter selected a suitable layout and made some adjustments to reflect new cover policies at PNT in regard to covering up the New Times header:

(click to enlarge)

With Peter's notes in mind, I worked up a tight sketch:
(click to enlarge)

The sketch didn't go over well with the editor; I think it was just the numerous small elements (skulls and figure) were making for an image without impact. I enjoyed it as an image, but agreed that it wasn't a good cover. Back to the drawing board for a more dramatic "non-portrait:"

(click to enlarge)

The sketch was well-received with a slight hair adjustment. In the final. I altered the glasses for more drama as well as the fact that depicting Arpaio's typical gold-rimmed glasses. As always, I love a flat black background:
(click to enlarge)
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wall Street Journal Sunday Illustrations - Jason Raish

illustration for Sunday’s Wall St. Journal for the Juggle on Sunday column about how your dreams change once you have kids.  The writer and her husband used to dream of living in Spain or owning a sports car, and it all changed when they had kids and they are fine and happy with it.  written by Katy McLaughlin

Story Here

illustration for Sunday’s Wall St. Journal for the Juggle on Sunday column about teaching your kids about Charity.  My first Hurricane Sandy Illo.  written by LAURA KREUTZER

Story Here