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Saturday, November 5, 2011

FF vs RE

This illo is still warm!! I just finished it yesterday and it's going to be in tomorrow's New York Times paper (Sunday Nov 6). You can read the article here online. This is my first color illustration for the CRAZY PACE letter page and it's a very fun (and no sleep) challenge.
The topic is about the tension and debates between fossil fuel and renewal energies.
I gave up going to Conan O'Brien 's for this...but it's worth it, right?

Big thanks to AD Alexandra and Aviva! Always a pleasure to work with.


Jason Raish said...

your sketches are always so close to your finals, which is good because there are no surprises. my sketches are horrible. i should start posting my sketches up too. it's interesting that you used gas handles instead of oil rigs in the water. but i guess oil rigs is not fossil fuel?

Victo Ngai said...

I chose gas pump mostly because of it's shape. I thought about oil rigs too but their shape is too complicated and don't really look like crops. (They are fossil fuel) Funny that you like my sketch-they are so sketchy and quick haha. I want to see your sketches too!