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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sketchpages- Edward Kinsella

Alfred Hitchcock Magazine: Civil War Medium- Edward Kinsella

This is a recent illustration for Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. It was for a short story about a Civil War era spiritual medium. I’ve also just added a few of new pages to my sketchblog. Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, January 22, 2010

2009 Illo Wrap Up- Jason Raish

A full page illo for associations now magazine. Its about generation Y'ers having trouble being heard in the workplace

A bigger than a spot illo for the cover of the business section of American Medical News. Its about hospitals trying to make a connection with doctors.

A full page illo for the Milken Institute Review about how china is hording US dollars.

A kind of a half page illo for the Milken Institute Review about China vs. the US dollar.

A double page spread for "The Scientist" magazine this month I think. The story was about how vaccines are the next big money making thing for the pharmacutecal industry. Since this article was written, I see in the news that everybody is cancelling their H1N1 swine flu shots cuz its not really a problem anymore. This was ...the illustration that I finished and then went running and got hit by a taxi and woke up in the hospital not remembering anything and was freaked out to see that it was already done and that I was going to make the deadline after all.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sketchbook Pages 2- Chris Whetzel

Hello! Here are a few scans from a recently completed sketchbook:

More images available on Chris' personal blog!

Enjoy the Day,

Sketches 2- Scott Brundage

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nonslick Interview- Chris Whetzel

A special thanks to Pete Ryan for the interview at Nonslick! Check out the blog for interviews with lots of art directors and illustrators!

Enjoy the Day,

Analog Work 2- Jason Raish

Sketch Exploration 3- Edward Kinsella

Sketch Exploration 1- Andrew R. Wright

I have been loosening up with my approach to drawing in this current sketchbook. In past books I was very worried about the accuracy of a line describing an object. Now I find myself reacting to lines as they are laid down, which in my opinion, is resulting in a more interesting drawing.

Pictural Colloquy- Tin Salamunic

My Solo show is coming up in February. The opening will be on February 5th. It will be up for two months. A second opening for the month of March is yet to be announced.All work will be for sale. During the opening, I will have several original sketchbooks from the past to show the visitors as they are making their rounds around the gallery.Many thanks to Lynn Vandenesse for the great opportunity and Ameenah Yusuf for helping me edit/structure the artist statement.

Sketchbook Exhibition by Tin Salamunic
The selected sketchbook work composes visual fragments of my life, displaying the everyday journey of recording the world around me and portraying the architecture of my career. The drawings capture those junctures so ordinarily disregarded by our absorption in the overwhelming daily tasks that tend to blind us from the finer details of our surroundings: Colorful assemblages of the city’s clustered alleyways, the graphic, silhouetted skyline shaped by the glowing sunset, abandoned buildings covered in both graffiti and vegetation unifying our expressiveness with mother nature’s undeniable dynamism.

Sketchbooks have always fascinated me. They reveal the easily overlooked beauty of conceptualization camouflaged within the final work of art. The motivation of these sketches and their intimate relationship with the craftsman has been one of the main components in my technical development, as well as a growing passion in the field. As a result, life is perceived more abstractly by being reinterpreted and retold through my daily drawings.

This body of work invites the viewer to carry a visual conversation without my conventional presence. Individual pieces suggest an equivocal story by vying to announce their own narrative. The amalgamation portrays a chapter of a perpetual story, orchestrating the expedition of the observer through time and place.

Each new page projects a new discovery and sense of appreciation upon the grey veil of future’s ambiguity, constantly reminding me that:

“Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it”


Sketches 2- Francis Vallejo

Hey folks. A few new pieces.

The top two monotypes were pulled at the very talented Andrew Wright's studio over New Year's. I love doing these. I tell myself I don't have access to the equipment, but Trey runs over his plates with his car. This I need to do.

The 3rd image is just me doodling girls, you know the usual. The last two images are warm ups I've been doing every morning. I draw one page of something and post it on my twitter. So far I'm on track...I began 9 days ago.

Also, please take a moment to consider donating a few dollars to the relief effort for Haiti. They are going through an incredibly tough time and need all the help possible. I know money is tight, but even a little will go a long way.

Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5
Visit this link to donate more.

take care,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sketch Pages 3- Tin Salamunic

Here is a sampling of Tin's latest sketch pages. To see more, check out his personal blog.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yahoo! Singapore- Jason Raish

2 large illustrations for Yahoo! in Singapore. It was done through Kult, and agency in Singapore. The only requirement was that I use the Yahoo! pantone color and include their big purple idea chair. Other than that I had total creative control. So i went and did a lot of stuff i've been wanting to do and used a lot of inspirational references from my inspiration folders that i've been wanting to use. These are 17" x 24" so they took quite some time to do, probably around 35 hours each.

Image 1:

after my brother gets his PHD in a few years we are going on a trip to India, Darjeeling Limited style and hopefully I will get to see some decorated elephants. The sunflowers in the back idea actually came from an amazing photo I found of some kids riding on an elephant through a field of sunflowers.

Detail shots:

Image 2:

I've regret not being able to get to the one last place on my list of places to go in China, the bamboo forests where they filmed House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and countless other movies. This illustration will have to do for now, someday I will get there. It was a challenge trying to use the Chinese ink for the bamboo and combine it with my atmospheric style. A giant panda is holding a cage up in the background.

Detail shots:

I liked the idea of this elegant older chinese gentleman chillin' in the forest enjoying the fineries of life, the birdman.