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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Illostop members actually exist in reality! (continued)

Our interactions are not limited (as evidenced by an abundance of questionable tweets), but we don't get to see each other very often. Other than the folks that live in New York, some of us only attend one or two NY events a year, making these little encounters all the more exciting.

I've met, known, and been a fan of these guys for quite a while, but this was, I think, the first time I get to really hang out with them. They're awesome, and pretty tolerant, considering I had just come in from some infamous Workbook carnival craziness.

So these are Sam, Victo, and Raul on this first pic.

Chris, Scott and I on this second one. Victo says she apologizes for the blurry pic. In her defense, the cardinals had just beaten the Texas Rangers and she could barely contain her excitement.

By the way, here's also a couple of sketches that Raul and I worked on. You can tell the guy can really life draw. You can also tell which ones belong to Raul and which ones belong to me.

Intimidating as it was, I attempted to repay him with a sketch as well, only to realize I should leave this to him and stick to my guns. He draw one of the best portraits I've ever seen of me!


Jason Raish said...

there is a lot of flannel goin' on there! wish i could have been there to boogie with ya'll

Raul Allen said...

That was fun, next stop is tomorrow!

Raul Allen said...

I had not noticed that profile of a woman coming out of my head. Very psycological portrait Goñi!

Goñi said...

heh... neither had I. i guess you were thinking of ladies' profiles? have fun tonight... cheers to you all from atlanta :(