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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Progressive- Edward Kinsella

New illustration for The Progressive for an article on Joanna Rudnick, a Chicago based documentary filmmaker whose film “In the Family” led to a federal judge’s ruling that a company could not own the rights to the breast cancer gene.

Thanks for looking.


Children's Book Project- Scott Brundage

Some more work from the book project I'm working on. Trying to play up the adorable in these paintings.
Also seeing how many flavors of green I can use at once without failing too hard. I had some opportunities to really play with light and value, which I think were somewhat successful.

More to show coming very soon. Thanks for reading!

Sketch Pages 5- Tin Salamunic

Sketch Exploration 10- Edward Kinsella

Always more on Ted's blog!

Adam Arcuragi's I Am Become Joy- Peter Wonsowski

Yes indeed you may have heard pieces of Adam Arcuragi's rousting hootenanny "Bottom Of The River" on TV recently (that's me playing harmonica!)

Congrats to Adam and the entire Lupine Chorale Society!

Now get out there and see Adam LIVE (because he is amazing live), or head over to High Two Records, or wherever fine music is sold, and grab a copy of Adam's live-take, feel-great, long-player: "I Am Become Joy". we all enjoyed making it, we know you'll enjoy listening to it

-Peter W!