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Friday, June 18, 2010

Sketch Pages 6- Tin Salamunic

Gift for my dad for Father's day. Life drawing of his vegetable garden. :) Below are a few more life drawings from the past week.


Radio Times, Golf, Boston College, Strategic Finance- Jason Raish

Its summer now so its time to toss out these final bits left from the spring:

spot for the Radio Times in the UK. its about how football (soccer) is woven into politics, religion and life in countries throughout the world.

for the monthly rules guy column. its about what to do about a ball that gets stuck to a club

for boston college magazine for the reunion giving issue. they wanted some kind of theme that says "trifecta", like in horse racing. glad they went with the exotic animals instead of actual racing horses.

for Strategic Finance magazine, a full page. it was about the CPO (chief procurement officer) working with the CFO (chief financial officer) to avoid supplier risk. Basically, working together to prevent their suppliers from crapping out.


Clowntastrophe! (and The Unkissable Pile of Intestines Returns!)- Peter Wonsowski

well i never thought i would do, or get to do, a Circus Punk, but here it is!

recently the indomitable Paul Palcko asked me and a whole lot of other talented artists to be part of his annual Clowntastrophe art show at the absolutely dynamite Delicious Corsets Boutique in Philadelphia! it's going to be a carnival blast, complete with sideshow, performances, great artwork by Paul + 30 other local and national artists, and even discounts on all Delicious products. Read all about it in the paper HERE!

although Paul's paintings themselves often have layers of commentary or references to them, i like his quote that "I see life as a circus, and all of us performers"

My "Circus Punk", traditionally a hand painted doll used by in carnival "knock down games", definitely shows the fun frivolity of life. the flame in his mouth is laughter, as no subject is beyond its overwhelming power of perspective. he is making a squeaky balloon skull, because i think about death not out of morbidity, but with the same affection i have for life, not merely as the other side of the coin, but the weight in the scales that makes life's lofty balance an exhilarating thing. i think that life, laughter, and death, have very close correlations, and in no way undermines the seriousness of the subjects.

if you can't make the show this Saturday June 26th to see them in person, check out the group blog HERE. below are some details, please feel free to click on them for some major close-ups

The Unkissable Pile Of Intestines!
several moons ago i was an animation minor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Animation was always my first love and i long to get back into it someday, and wouldn't dare rule it out for future outlets of ideas.

Well the kick in the pants to that dream was my friend and old neighbor Kristoffe Brodeur rediscovered an old film of mine, dusted the file off, and uploaded it to the internet! Kristoffe is a renaissance man himself in dance, electronics, film, multimedia and beyond, and you can see more of that HERE. he literally had an open door policy where we lived, and though i had actually made 2 "unkissable pile of intestines" shorts prior, he offered to go over the new one with me and completely upgrade it into something special. editing, sound, special effects, and more were given his thorough, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and profoundly generous time and touch. Thank you Kristoffe!

"The Unkissable Pile Of Intestines" first showed up on a wall me and some fellow tenants and Spiderbiters once marred, and he became my everyman mascot of the unrequited. his previous appearances, though a decade old, and future adventures, will see more light here in the future. until then, enjoy:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sketchbook Pages 4- Chris Whetzel

Hello. Here are some sketchbook pages from recent weeks. There is a lack of figures, my apologies.

Enjoy the Day,

Monday, June 7, 2010

New York Times Book Review- Tin Salamunic

New Illustration for The New York Times Book Review for the new Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan (The Author of Percy Jackson book series has been taken to a new, more international level where the heroes are battling Egyptian deities instead of Greek gods. The final illustration (above) focuses on one of the main scenes in the beginning of the book (an explosion at the British Museum) that triggers a series of events leading the main two characters (Carter and Sadie) all over the world to stop the waking gods of Egypt. My first sketches were focusing on the main characters. The article briefly described Rick Riordan's writing to Michael Bay's directing, so I felt a bit of humor was appropriate.

A simple pin up that focused on the iconic weapons and clothing of the characters with some Egyptian hieroglyphs thrown into the background.

The last two sketches were focusing on SET, an ancient god of the desert. While his depiction in the novel is a complete redesign of the traditional Egyptian representations, I decided to stick with the more symbolic depiction of Set.

Cover Sketches- Francis Vallejo

Yo! These sketches I did a while back for a cover gig. It was anticipated to be for 5 issues so I had the idea of having one image slowly reveal itself across the bottom of all 5 issues with the top image changing depending on the issue. The "X" on the cooler is a placeholder for the title. I was asked to make revisions to the bottom image at the last second, so I dropped in 3d models which ended up getting the job done nicely. The 2nd image shows other concepts for what the top section could look like.

Unfortunately the series never made it off the ground, so this is as far as these drawings will go.

In other news, I'm about to hop on a plane to Austin, TX to begin setting up the TAD POD location. Soon after, from June 14th-30th I'll be in Kansas City helping out at the Illustration Academy. Busy month!! Hope to meet folks!

take care,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Spark- Tin Salamunic

Hey guys! It's finally time to start working on some personal projects. I am currently working on a graphic novel titled The Spark. I am collaborating with writer Kirk Kjeldsen and we will have this hopefully published by Dark Horseor Oni Press upon completion.

The story will tell the tale of Gavrilo Princip. He was a Yugoslav Nationalist who was responsible for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

The assassination that took place in Sarajevo on 28 June, 1914 set off a series of events that led to World War I. History books reveal very little about Princip and his life, some calling him a hero while others portraying him as a terrorist. Years of research by Kirk have led to numerous revelations of character and the true purposebehind his actions. While the historical facts are thin, this story will try to tie in some of the loose ends combinig fiction and non fiction. ( in the tradition of Alan Moore's From Hell and Watchmen. The image in the top left is a Cover mock up which was inspired by comics that were popular in Bosnia when I was little such as : Zagor, Alan Ford, TinTin, and many others. The other drawings are studies of both Gavrilo and Franz Ferdinand, in addition to a environmental image where I tried to set the mood/time period/of the comic.

In other News: I am about to start my sketches for "Motherfucking Time machine", a short story written by fellow artist/writer Jed Alexander. A more humorous story line with a gritty dialogue similar to the works of Quentin Tarantino. More on that soon, so keep an eye out. Feedback, comments and suggestions on the sketches for The Spark are more than welcome.

Sketches 4- Scott Brundage

Been moving towns, and finishing projects and a myriad of other time-sucking things that keep me from my sketchbook. On the plus side I've been refocusing on more observational work and figure drawing. (See the racy nudey stuff on DAS )
I also had the opportunity to draw some dope burlesque models at an event my buddy, Frank Stockton (people have heard him for some reason), knew about.
He even did a lil ditty in my book. I think he dug my brushpen.

And here are some more straightforward sketchbook pages of my girlfriend's pitbull, and my family. Both enjoy spending time on the floor.


Homebase + Pigtails & Pixies Logos- Peter Wonsowski

Here are two recent logos for a skateshop and a girls' accessory boutiqe. To read a detailed breakdown of each commission, check out Peter's blog!