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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spectrum 20

This year's Spectrum judges deemed this image worthy of inclusion.  
Pretty awesome to be included again, looking forward to seeing the book!

...and the book is available here {ahem}


John W. Tomac said...

Congrats, Scott! Easy to see why the judges were swayed by this.

Chris Whetzel said...

Congrats, buddy! Well deserved!

Jeffrey Alan Love said...

Way to go Scott!

Jason Raish said...

awesome congrats. is the app doing well?

Scott Brundage said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate the kudos.

Jason, I have no clue. There's no royalty system set up, but I AM still doing updates and small work for the same company. Since they aren't bankrupt, I have to assume they are doing OK.