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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cal State Chico's Drinking Problem

Here is a quick-turnaround, cover job for the Chico News & Review. Cal Satate-Chico has a reputation as a party school. In the last year, binge drinking has led to four student deaths as well as a slew of other problems ranging from vandalism to sexual assault. This week the alt-weekly takes a look at the way other universities and college towns have dealt with similar problems.


Chris Whetzel said...

Love the color and black background on this, John. It really pops!

John W. Tomac said...

Thanks, Chris.

I'm generally wary of using this much black, because it can really flatten out or suck the life out of colors. In this case, it seemed to work with the subject matter and cover template.

Jeffrey Alan Love said...

Really nice one, John - love the concept.

John W. Tomac said...

Thanks, Jeffrey