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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mon prémiere travail en France (my first job in france) - Jason Raish

Mon prémiere travail en France. my first job in france. Le Nouvel Observateur is one of the biggest new magazines in France.  I did a full page and a spot illustration for them.  emails and communication were in french so it really was a "french" job.  story is about dating services for the rich.  There is one that is 5,000 euros to join.  some of the clients make crazy requests like they must be 1 meter 82 centimers, Argentine, a surgeon, own a helicopter, graduated from Harvard, etc....




Chris Whetzel said...

Very cool Jason. Is that restaurant a specific place or did you make up that wall of squares?!?

Also, do you speak a ton of different languages from your travels?

Jason Raish said...

the interior is non other than silencio, Director David Lynch's club in paris. its members only. i tried to go there a few days before i drew this and they were like no way. i learn to speak the language of the country im in to the level of basic convo and then by then its time to move to the next place and then i lose it because i don't use it. sad isn't it? so i'm just shitty at 5 languages instead of being good at 2