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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Questionable Common Core

Howdy folks! Here's another series of images for Education Week. I must say that dealing with the same subject matter on a semi-regular basis is tough, but it really pushes me to find new imagery and concepts to communicate the subject's themes.

For this article, I was asked to do a main back-page as well as spots to be used inside for other commentaries. The theme of the entire issue was the implementation of new standards of learning known as the "Common Core." Basically, the articles state that while implementing the new standards is great idea in theory, its is unlikely that they will be effective with the current groups of kids in school.

Such comments on the new standards include:
 -how shorter days for Kindergarten would limit learning/ lesson retention
-Core's new lesson plans are ineffective without teachers collaborating
-the Common Core isn't widely supported and may not be implemented in all schools
-and asking for higher standards of learning isn't making sense when kids can't satisfy current standards set before them.

Sketches: (click to enlarge)

Final artwork: (click to enlarge)

Shorter days for Kindergarten

Teachers working together

Standards limiting student progress

Asking too much of students who haven't yet developed skills

Thanks to Vanessa for another great assignment, and thanks for reading!

Enjoy the Day,

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Scott Brundage said...

Great stuff, Chirs. The color feels super fun and very school inspired. Good ideas and slick execution. Props.