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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Les Parisiens - Catharina - Jason Raish


Chris Whetzel said...

I can't believe you are just drawing this text in PS. It look so good!

This is a really interesting project; are you comfortable sharing why you started it? I've always noticed a keen eye for fashion in your images (and photography); is it an exploration of European trends?

Um, is there a lot of poo on the ground in Paris?

Jason Raish said...

yes they never tell you about the amount of poo on the ground in paris. such a beautuiful city and there isnt' even garbage or litter on the streets but there is a ton of poo. i started this project because i like drawing people and fashion i guess and wanted to start making some art with smaller heads and something to do with paris and since i've been taking a lot of street shots it all worked out i guess