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Friday, October 21, 2011

Illostop members actually exist in reality!

I forgot to post this from this summer. I visited Illostop's own Raquel Aparicio in Valencia, Spain. She's not from there and just moved there recently. This is the 3rd illostopper i met in person besides Victo Ngai and Nimit Malavia in New York. I think this is post worthy news, to remind us all that we aren't alone in this. Valencia is a beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast.

her rent is unbelievably cheap and sunny all the time. look at this floor!

she also restores old furniture. This is some kind of cool vintage record player unit.

a shot of some street in Valencia. There are too many beautiful pics from Valencia to show.


Ruki said...

you have to come back! We had a great time during your visit! and Giu miss you a lot! :P

Jason Raish said...

i'll be back some day. when are we gonna see that project you were working on when i was there?