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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Fest X


I'm grateful to get to work with a lot of excellent bands on their records and merchandise for a living, but honored to have been asked to take part again in Florida's 3 day music FEST, now in its 10th year! The simultaneous gallery show showcases many artists, often those who work with bands and record labels, especially native to FL.  I myself got my big "break" working for a band in Gainesville in 1996 and continue to this very day.

I simply chose to do something fun and exclusive for the art show, especially to celebrate their tenth anniversary, somewhat as a way of giving back to the community and scene that has given so much to me

you can read more about the art show HERE. thanks for reading!


Chris Whetzel said...


Scott Brundage said...

That casual hand on the snout makes this for me. A nice moment of calm in the motion. Props!

Scott Altmann said...

great image- so much fun!

pw! said...

thanks everyone!

Scott (Brundage) thanks for noticing, I definitely wanted to do something that said it was a "friendlier" thing