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Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun Times at Workbook Carnival

Let's just start by saying, Bob Pastore can throw one hell of an awesome party. Here's the gist of it: carnival theme, burlesque performers, jugglers, drag queens, life-drawing artists, and pigs in a blanket! Along with friends Dongyun Lee, Chris WhetzeI, Chase Stone, Michal Dziekan, among others, I was lucky enough to be one of those life-drawing artists. On the other side, I was about to go life draw in front of a crowd, so yeah, I was pretty anxious. I had also flown in from Georgia and had only been able to bring a very limited array of materials (TSA's wondrous work), so I was THAT guy. Bob rescued my act and fetched materials for me! Can you believe how awesome this guy is? Anywho, a few drinks in and and nerves forgotten, those sketches started flowing.

Here's a neat video that Michal took of me sketching. By the way, the folks saying those really nice things about me (not sure if I deserve such words) are Michal himself and Delia Evan. Needless to say, I'm flattered.

Check out the blogpost from Workbook itself. The pics are amazing!

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Jason Raish said...

yea its gotta be nerve wracking to have so many people watching you and wanting to see something awesome appear. you did great from what i can see. I can't even imagine doing something like cut and paste live. i would be a puddle on the floor