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Sunday, February 13, 2011

X-citing work

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to say a quick thanks to Chris and everyone for having me here!
For my first post I wanted to post my latest cover for Marvel's
Wolverine and Jubilee series, with a little bit of the process as well.

Based on a discussion with my editor about the story and overall
tone of the issue, I worked up a few thumbnails to send her. We
wanted the main focus of this cover to be Jubilee, and the pull
her new transformation is having on her. For anyone who hasn't been
keeping up with the X-men Universe, Jubilee was recently turned
into a Vampire, and lost her mutant powers (this happened way before that though)
and now she's trying to deal with these new abilities and urges.
She's been having regular blood transfusions of Wolverines blood to try and keep the vampire cravings under control, and maintain some semblance of humanity.

It's a really great series so far, beautifully illustrated by Phil Noto, and amazing writting by Kathryn Immonen.

Once we decided which direction to go in, I worked up a revised
pencil, and we went to final.

These covers have been a mix of excitement and nervousness to work on; I feel really fortunate to be able to draw these great characters...but at the same time it feels like a lot of pressure, I want to make sure to do them justice...they're more or less my childhood heroes!

Jeanine and Jody were amazing through out this whole process, offering a lot of really helpful advice.

Here's some of the process for the first issue.

The first issue has gone into 2nd printing and the new one should be out this coming Wednesday, so please go out and grab one if you have a chance.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



Jason Raish said...

Awesome. nice to see you post here. what do you use for that red bleed in the background? it's looking like its becoming a malavia signature. good luck on the other covers!

Raul Allen said...

Hey Nimit, Love that first cover! Great to have you here!

Chris Whetzel said...

Sweet, its so cool to see your work on the blog! These covers alone make me think I should start reading X-titles again!