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Monday, February 14, 2011


This is the new full page illustration for RIDES Magazine. This time the focus was on Tupac Shakur (as the Toyota MR-2) and R-Kelly (as the Nissan GT-R). This one was my personal favorite from the series and it was a blast to draw Tupac for two jobs in a row.

In other news, The Spark graphic novel is back in development.  The project was on hold for quite some time now. Between being super busy with the freelancing and not too satisfied with my first few pages of the comic, I decided to research old European and American comics a bit more, looking at my favorites Will Eisner, Georges Rem (Herge),Max Bunker and many others.

What you see below is the new, slightly different direction I am taking and the revision of the original page 2. The lines are a bit bolder and looser. Hopefully, I can have more updates soon, but let me know what you guys think of it so far.

Thanks for reading guys, 


Raul Allen said...

Hey Tin,
Great work as usual.
I have a suggestion for you on the development of The Spark. I see this happening on my work as well and that is why I point it out.
Your brushwork is might be too active all over the page, I feel you could benefit from simplifying either the figures or the backgrounds. I know that vibrancy is part of your style but it would shine even more if some parts are muted a bit.
I loved the old pages just as much, they had a lot of personality to them. But they were rendered with a heavier brushwork. I would try and simplify a bit more, I think you are on to something good.
Altough I think you have lost the nice diagonal flows that you had going on the original. I would watch that.
And colorwise, I would simplify too, let your expressive lines do their work. You have them there already.

Or maybe I don't know what I am talking about...

Tin Salamunic said...

Hey Raul,
Thank you so much for the feedback buddy. Luckily, I can still go back and play with the values of the blacks as they are on different layers.
Honestly, this was my first attempt at finding a "faster" method of doing these pages as I am still freelancing full time and doing this on the side with a goal of finishing this in a year or so.
thanks for the crit! :)

we'll see what happens!

-Tin :)

Chris Whetzel said...

Wow man, a comic on top of a your freelancing schedule? You're crazy.

I agree with the simplifying suggested; I think you could just lessen the backgrounds and your figures would pop out a bit more.

Oh, and the cars are great(especially the sky), but where is the pee pee in the R.Kelly image? I 'll bet they censored that, didn't they? Haha!

Tin Salamunic said...

Thanks Chris.Sleepless nights-all I can say. I haven't really left my studio in several months aside from a brief trip to the store, so it's definitely eating up all my time.
I will definitely adress all the suggested corrections for the next pages of the comic. As jason mentioned in the Illostop-group e-mail, a critique area where we get a second opinion on our progress would be wonderful! :)
thanks again for the feedback :D

Raúl said...

Have you seen Sean Phillips process posts on his blog?
How he does the line work first and then goes into spotting black.
I really love his work, his shadows are so damn good!

And yes, lets do that secret crit room!