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Thursday, February 10, 2011

My first "Big Head" and Cover illo

(cover)(interior spread)(final sketch)

Hello all, thank you for having me here!
Soooo, here is my first cover illo for PLANSPONSOR Feb 2011 issue.
It's also one of the most difficult illustrations I have done so far.

First, it took me a few rounds of sketches to nail the idea this time. (I was stressed out and having brain freeze because it's my FIRST COVER, also the concept was very abstract yet specific: "Finding the right adviser/partner/help")

Second, my computer monitor started dying and fading when I was almost done with the illo, so the colors that I thought was right was actually very off...

SooJin has being really patient and helpful with me the whole time. And we are both happy with the outcome of the final illo. It was also one of the pieces selected into Communication Arts Illustration annual 2011.

It's always great working with an AD who trusts you.

Here are some of the rejects...


Scott Brundage said...

That's a pretty incredible cover, Victo. Props on the Commarts nod. Looking forward to see more posts and sketches. Welcome!

Chris Whetzel said...

I really like how whimsical you work is, Victo. Congrats on the Comm Arts inclusion, and I hope you found new monitor. Are you coloring digitally or working traditionally ? :)

Jason Raish said...

yay Victo finally came to illostop! yea do you color traditionally or digitally? congrats on your comm arts pick, there will be many more ahead for you.

Victo Ngai said...

Thank you all guys! I do all the texture traditionally and color digitally, so a good monitor is essential. I just got an iMac and a color calibrator, so now I am broke but happy!