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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A modern kung fu fairy tale

These illos are for this month's Utne Reader magazine. The title of the story is " The Master and Mike DiMeglio". It's a true story about the Chinese White-Crane kung fu legacy and the master-apprentice relationship between Dr. Yang and his favorite pupil Mike DiMeglio, who betrayed the master and got kicked out of the training.

It was a very fun project as I could fully unleash my Chinese-ness and incorporateSumie in the pieces. The project also got me a little nostalgic that I went so far to dug out this sumie painting I did back in high school. I remember being pretty proud of it but now it's almost embarrassing...still cool to see how my work has evolved though!

Big thanks to AD Stephanie Glaros.


Tyler Jacobson said...

Beautiful stuff. Love it.

Scott Altmann said...

yeah - top notch---diggin it

Jason Raish said...

awesome, i wish i got a job like that!