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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Exposing myself, Vol.2

My Photobooth library was getting overcrowded, so obviously it is time to share some reference shots. The majority were spent on a project I still can't fully share, but there are some sneak peaks here, as well as many photos of bed head and neglected shaving.

One project, The Silence of Eggs, had it's own personal collection of weird. Nailing just the right variation of psychotic focus took a bit of work.
Note use of tools on rare occasions when my face is not elastic enough.
And, by the way, I own these pants.


Goñi Montes said...

you've got guts. that fourth one just made my day.

Tyler Jacobson said...

yeah I agree with Goni. This has just made my day.

Victo Ngai said...

this explains why all your people are soooo handsome.

Scott Altmann said...

haha -love seeing these
so how much is this premier male model? :)

Scott Brundage said...

Sometimes I try not to hire this guy to pose for me. The whole "idealized male form" thing is so cliche.

Peter Breese said...

Fantastic!!! I have so many of these dopy shots of myself that I used as ref for some project or another and occasionally I stumble on one and think.. good lord who is that... oh sh*t it's me. Good times.

Great post, happy to have found the site.

Scott Brundage said...

Ha, Thanks for commenting, Peter. I seem to have hit a note with a bunch of artists around the webz.