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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A spaceboy and a shark zombie go walking into my online store....

I've been really interested in "animating" some illustrations lately, so I took a practice run. It's quite primitive and not all that exciting, but I hope to get better at this. Any tips or good sources I should look at are greatly appreciated.

While I was making the animated GIF file, I decided to throw a quick process of the drawing while I was at it. Hopefully, I'll be returning to these soon with something a bit more ambitious to show:

Secondly, I am very pleased to announce my online store in now open. I'll be adding more items in the near future, and all orders come with a free Eco-Sticker as a little long as they last of course.
Here's the sticker : 

The URL is pretty simple and you can also get there from my website:

Huge thanks to Federico Piatti and Victoria Maderna for getting my webstore together. Not only are they awesome friends they are awesome illustrators too..check them out by clicking their it!

Lastly, I am extremely excited about the release of "Attack of the Shark-Headed Zombie" by the talented , Bill Doyle. I believe it will be released for iPad and ebooks as well, but it can be pre-ordered here: Shark Zombie!!

Here's a sneak peak at some interior art- 17 b/w all together:

Thanks for checking in!


Chris Whetzel said...

I smiled a lot when looking through this post! Great stuff, Scott!

Scott Altmann said...

many thanks Chris!

Scott Brundage said...

That gif makes me feel like I'm phoning in my rollover animations. Thanks, Scott.

But... wouldn't the visor go right into his neck if it rolled downward? That poor decapitated child.

Those shark zombie interiors are great. Makes me want to do more digital drawing.

Scott Altmann said...

*sigh* - yeah , a few folks have brought to my attention the non-functionality of this helmet. To them I can only say: It's a MAGIC HELMET!
Okay - I messed up! But it moves!

Thanks for the kind words amigo. Oddly enough, many children's book publishers I talk too are more interested in line work with just a bit of tone, than full tonal works like these interiors least when talking about b/w work.

pw! said...

AMAZING!!! crazy about the spaceboy illustration

Scott Altmann said...

many thanks Peter!