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Thursday, April 7, 2011

More fun with Grayscale!

I'm lucky enough to have an ongoing gig with the website They keep a blog with weekly tips for young writers and I get to add a bit o' flair with a drawing. Every so often, one or two of these blogs lends itself to me having a blast with the content.
For instance... "a young writer with a cast of characters patiently awaiting his direction." This, my friends, is what field days are made of. the added fun of seeing the same characters sent on their way.
And sometimes a simple image like this just works completely out of context.

Also, a high-class tarsier  with a penchant for smoking jackets.


Raul Allen said...

Hey Scott, great work. It is so refreshing to see nice traditional that does not feel tight and overdone. Love the litle guy in the last piece! He meade me smile

Tin Salamunic said...

Absolutely Brilliant! Great Work!!! :)

Chris Whetzel said...

These are VERY nice, Scott! How large are you drawing these images?

Scott Brundage said...

Thanks guys!

-Chris, I think the largest image of the crowd is about 11"x 12"

Ruki said...

These drawings made me smile!

Victo Ngai said...

I want to practice my drawing everything seeing your works!

pw! said...

your sketches are just wonderful. what tones and values. something i am loving about that last beach scene. you just make it look like a perfect place and day...with pencils. bravo