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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Illo for Rhode Island Monthly

Hello illostop friends,

Here is "The Best Places to Live in Rhode Island"- a series I did for Rhode Island Monthly magazine March issue which just came out a few days ago.

This is probably the most epic editorial assignment I have done so far. I finished these five illustrations in 1 week and a half, time was a little tight but it was a fun challenge.

I was really happy when AD Dean Welshman called me for the project. Rhode Island is like asecond hometown for me, it carries 4 years of wonderful college memories.

Also, Dean was just really great to work with. He understands that artists work the best when they are given the most creative freedom. So yeah, really fun project!


Scott Brundage said...

Aw man. What a kickass commission. Looks like you had a blast. A complex, visually rich, and (I hope) time consuming blast.

Basically, if you did this over the weekend, I'm giving up.

Scott Altmann said...

these are great! I especially love the one with the car- but they all came out great.

Jason Raish said...

awesome. i love the book one. nice color scheme. awesome as usual.

Victo Ngai said...

Thank you so much guys! Scott- it was VERY time consuming. When I said it took me 1 week and a half, I meant every day, at least 8hrs/day haha. I wish I can work faster too.

Raul Allen said...

What a fantastic set of illustrations.
They are so much fun. I am in love with the black dog!

What is your process like in these pieces?