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Friday, March 11, 2011

myself would like to introduce.....myself

Pleasure to be brought aboard the Illostop with these fine talented folks. I will do my best to update regularly and keep up the high standard of work.

Here's a cover I just finished for Night Shade Books. An obvious spoof of Grant Wood's "American Gothic" painting, mixed with a bit of "Twilight" ....but not too Twilighty or we get sued!

oil/digital mix




Chris Whetzel said...

Welcome aboard, Scott! Do you do your sketches digitally or is this a color study? I'm hearing tales of people who don't even use paper anymore.

Scott Altmann said...

haha- I switch it up. Sometimes I do them 100% digitally, and other times I'll do a pencil drawing and then scan it in. I tend to always add tones digitally to give the client a better idea of how the lighting and values will be.

Glad to be here!

Scott Brundage said...

Did Palumbo commission you for this? I dig your angst.

Scott Altmann said...

I did the prequel to this book before Dave was at Night Shade so I was kinda on the map for this cover anyway. At least I like to think so!