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Monday, December 6, 2010

Rafflesia Factoid

I recently finished the artwork below for Richard Solomon's "Factoid" poster project.

My illustrated fact concerned the Rafflesia, the world's largest flower.  Found in and around Malaysia, the flower gives off an unusual odor - hence its nickname the "meat flower."  With that in mind, I felt the Malayan Tiger was an attractive and sensible element to use in the image.
The assignment was altered to call for black and white, but I originally envisioned this as a color piece as some of my submitted sketches show. Despite this change, the project was a lot of fun from the very start.



Chris Whetzel said...

Nice regal image, Doug! May I ask why your assignment was changed to black and white? Its so bizarre to assign a flower (of all things) as a black and white image!

Also, I really the feel of the two grayscale sketches, and the one where the tiger is biting really alludes to the "meat factor."

Doug said...

Hey Chris!

Thanks bud. I think they want to push my B/W artwork for the time being, as I've gotten a good response from it lately.

I'm going to follow-up with a color finish from one of the other sketches though. They just look like too much fun for me to leave 'em alone!


Chris Whetzel said...

Yeah I agree you should definitely finish up one of the color images since it seems you sort of have two portfolios. Thats a pretty clever way to market!

Also, congrats on the big ad job! (Scott told me. He's such a gossip.)

Tin Salamunic said...

This is awesome man. Your handling of value is incredible!