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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Japanese New Year's Greetings

Happy Holidays and Happy New year! (Japanese style)

Here is my take on a Japanese new year's card (nengajo, 年賀状). Traditionally they feature the Asian zodiac animal of that year, 2011 is the year of the rabbit. Throughout Asia, because of an old story, it is believed that there is a rabbit on the moon (instead of a man on the moon). Basically the bottom says Happy New Year and the top says 2011 and the final box below that is the character for rabbit. This time last year i was laying in a hospital bed in Tokyo after having no memory of being hit by a taxi and receiving a fractured skull. So I beg of you, Please enjoy your time with your family and friends and get the most from your life! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the land of the rising sun! Oh and this is 100% paint, no photoshop hooray.



Tin Salamunic said...

This is a really beautiful piece Jason. You have an exquisite sense for color and distortion of figures and perspective. There's a nice sense of movement (a subtle flow) in your work, especially when you are working with larger blocks of text. It's exciting to see the interaction of your images with the articles in your editorial work and seeing some traditional lettering in this piece is very exciting. Whoever receives this card in the mail will be very lucky! :)

pw! said...

yes, the movement here is exceptional, and playing with perspective, heck, the whole bottom half, is out of this world. i love how you've done the text and frames and how it is laying on top, but working so wonderfully with everything

Marilyn said...

absolutely gorgeous - thank you for sharing! and greetings from Florida, USA :)