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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Delaware Today Magazine- Scott Brundage

Here is a new piece for Delaware Today Magazine. The article was on "Race To The Top Funding" and her suggestion was to try to convey a group effort to get a child to succeed.

These were some of the quick idea sketches I sent. Very rough communication oriented sketches, which (unintentionally, but on reflection) break down to one ok, one good, and one worth painting.
I really wanted to push the lighting here... possibly more than I ever have previously. I knew I wanted the only pure white to be the very corner where the sun was shining to really push the heat of it. Once that was acheived, realistic color elsewhere wasn't as important.
The final result is among the more dramatic paintings I've created, but a blast to make. Thanks again to Kelly Carter for the opportunity to launch a child into the sun.



Chris Whetzel said...

Sweet colors on this, dude. I kind of like the monochromatic color scheme of the sketch too, though.

Tin Salamunic said...

Excellent! I love the colors! :)

pw! said...

came out nice Scott! those colors really are incredible, great work