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Friday, February 19, 2010

Private Commission- Francis Vallejo

This piece was a blast (pun intended...ayo!). It was done for the esteemed Skottie Young. I've followed his career for a while now, and have always really been into his work. So when I was asked to do a pin-up of his character "Bernard the World-Destroyer" for his new art book, I flipped out!!

Basically Bernard has been sent to Earth to study it before he destroys it. He comes to find out Kanye West is a rogue agent from Viltron Nine sent to take control of earth's people. In my picture we find Bernard busting into the studio as Kanye is recording his newest jam...haha.

Hope you digg it Skottie!

take care,


pw! said...

francis, this is super. can i ask what types of inks/pens/paper/board you use?

Chris Whetzel said...

Oh that kanye; he really is out to make trouble!