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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Virgin Hotline Magazine (UK)- Jason Raish

A fun assignment for Virgin Hotline Magazine which is the magazine in the backs of the chairs of Virgin trains in the UK. you can cut these out and punch out the eyes and wear it as a mask. this is David Attenborough, the narrator of BBC stuff such as the amazing Planet Earth series. So if you're in the UK and ride on Virgin trains check for my illos!

And this is Lewis Hamilton, F1 race car driver and boyfriend of pussycat doll lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. well i just saw that they split in the daily telegraph so there you go.
Also, an illo for the hartford courant about what the right age is to start taking your kids to the theatre. The Lion King was coming to Hartford so i used a lion king like actor for the show in the illo.


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pw! said...

incredible Attenborough !!