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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Financial Comic Pages- Francis Vallejo


Crazy project. I was given a week to do these three pages, and some branding work, for an Australian financial newspaper. The AD provided the titles and the script. The stories consist of epic tales of 2 financial advisers who are turned into superheroes, and one story of a helplessly addicted gambler. .. I tried to have as much fun with it as possible.

I enjoyed the challenge of having the whole story take place on one page. I found using all the comic elements - narration, speech bubbles, sound effects, etc - were all needed to condense the action to fit. And since it is for a newspaper, I colored it as such.

I also posted the super rough layout sketches I did at the onset. I stayed pretty loyal to them, with some minor changes. All in all, I had a blast! Expect to see much more comic work.

happy holidays once again!


Chris Whetzel said...

I really dig the colors on these pages. Will there be more? I can't stand the suspense!

Francis Vallejo said...

Hey Chris, thanks! I hope to do more, the client mentioned he'd like to. A one a week series would be real fun!

Scott Brundage said...

Damn dude, love those roughs. Nice, loose, even reassuring to see how simple you start, considering how beautiful the finishes are. Looking forward to seeing more.

Jason Raish said...

Francis, nice to see you here. i have some of your stuff in my "work i like" folders already

pw! said...

these are amazing! i love the style of drawing, angles, and coloring!