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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sketchbook Pages 1- Chris Whetzel

Hello, all. Here are some new sketch pages for perusal while I am working on projects. Trying some new things in the sketchbook. I am producing lots of ugly pages and poorly drawn faces in the book, but here are some I feel ok about :)

I won't go into the aesthetics or philosophy behind my new sketchbook approach to spare you my whimsical "artsy" mentalities. Thanks for viewing:

I'm going to really try updating the blog weekly as I am piling up a backlog of work to share. Also, I hope to share some big news in the coming months. Sorry for the long time between posts!

Enjoy the Day,

1 comment:

pw! said...

it's a joy to see these, especially the ones where you don't waste a single inch of page!