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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trident Twist Packs- Chris Whetzel

It is a pleasure to share some packaging I created recently for Trident Europe. They wanted some fun illustrations which would act as a sort of animation when the pack of gum was opened. Since the target demographic was kids/teens and the name of the product line is "Twist," they wanted a bit of a gag with colorful images. Working with the design agency, they provided the "jokes" and loose mocks of how they wanted the reveal to work. The concepts were code-named:


Sample image from the brief:


(spoon to be added, soft-boiled)
(shark to be added)
(boxer to be added, uvula as speed bag)
("monster" eyes to be added)

Sketch revisions:

 (removed steam)
(more definition in molars)

Final art samples. Most were created in multiple color versions as there were three different flavors each with its own Pantone palette:


(mint, before palette was altered as seen below)

And here's a mock of how it works and looks with logo placement:

Here are some packs the AD was kind enough to send:

The artwork is also used on larger cases of flavor packs (display boxes sold to retailers), and I even created some fruit illustrations to also be featured on the cases:

The packs seem well-received, and I'm hoping they decide to do more as the assignment was very fun. Thanks for reading!

Enjoy the Day,