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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Miami New Times: Florida Loves Guns- Chris Whetzel

          Last week I tweeted (@chriswhetzel) about how an old sketch from a couple of years ago was  kept and finally used by an AD I had worked with previously. I must say I was in a bit of an art funk when Miche called with that assignment; it seems Feb/March is my slow time of year, and I always feel like "this is the end of my career!" Anyway, it was very validating to have someone hold onto an old idea for so long and then ask to use it for the Miami New Times cover as well as for the New Times Broward. So it will be a short post as I didn't need to explore the subject matter with sketches; but I must say that guns fall into that "tech/machinery" category that I enjoy drawing.

          I was worried that Miche would have a hard time placing type on this as I worked with a darker palette and assumed light text would run over it, but he makes it look easy! Old sketch, color options, and final cover:

(click any to view larger)

          I sort of wish I had known the article focused on rifles; then I would have obviously made the gun aspects more akin to rifles (wood stock, maybe a scope, etc). But regardless, I am happy to see this sketch finally come to life (I never took it to finish for the portfolio as I was never sure if Miche would use it!) I can thank him enough for holding on to that grainy old jpeg!

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