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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sketchbook Pages 7- Chris Whetzel

Sorry I haven't posted much sketchbook stuff lately. Honestly, its because I've been pretty unsatisfied with everything going on in there. So that makes me sketch less, and then its a vicious cycle...

Anyway, here's some recent stuff I don't completely hate. I've been inspired to get back into the books since that's where the real work takes place.

Sometimes I mess around in Sketchbook on the ipad. It can be fun to draw digitally, but it doesn't replace the feel of an actual sketchbook:

Next is some stuff from figure drawing. Decided to not show more visible nudes after a fellow artist had his blog censored. So here's another sketcher from class drawing the model and a foray into using the brush pen for life drawing:

 And here's stuff from the regular sketchbook where I kind of let go of the reins and let things just happen:

Thanks for reading, folks. I hope to share more sketches on a new tumblr for the experimental and observational imagery. Stay tuned.

Enjoy the Day,


Scott Altmann said...

these are great man - really cool to see some non-professional work and what you do when not working for clients.
Lovin' it-S.

Chris Whetzel said...

Thanks, Scott!

Jason Raish said...

dude chris as always i think you have some awesome non vector potential here. or vector/traditional mashup or something!

Chris Whetzel said...

Thanks, jason. i'm sloooooowly working on it when I have time. I hope to be working differently in my 40s. Then even more so in my 50s, etc :)