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Monday, August 22, 2011


in addition to working with a lot of great bands and record labels, I am also currently pursuing another long-time/term dream of mine entering the field of comics. I've already shared things like my Strawberry Shortcake covers, and will be showing other fun creator owned works in the future, but today I thought i'd give a sneak peak of something a little different... work as a "colorist" on a new limited series!

Ramiel is a story by Javier Grillo-Marxuach, writer & producer on the first two seasons of Lost and current show-runner for Charlie's Angels. He asked the incredible Steven Gendron to do the pencils, and me to do colors and paint the rest. Around the time of San Diego Comic Con we had a great front page article & interview on Newsarama you should read HERE. The book will be out soon by APE Entertainment, and there are already a few SDCC exclusive copies out there...

While I didn't get to do the pencils here, I think Steve's work is great and very distinct, and I tried very much to bring a lot more to the table than I thought was even possible. The entire collaborative experience has been one of the best i've ever been a part of

here you can see Steve's pencils and my paints:

and here's a few "sneak peak" pages (don't tell anyone!)

see you in the funny papers!


Scott Altmann said...

very nice and unique coloring job -congrats on all the new developments!

Raul Allen said...

Isn't it nice when they let you go all crazy and explore new things...