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Sunday, July 10, 2011

ESPN, Wall Street Journal, Billboard, etc, etc

In between all the books I have done and the current ones I am doing now I get to do some really fun editorial pieces. I love the oasis these jobs represent while working on larger projects. The quick turnarounds and the different themes help give distance when you return to working on the books, and these kind of images are always a joy to work with. Also since you can't really disclose much of the books you are doing until they are out it allows for showing something once in a while.

For the Wall Street Journal, Book review section on the excessive violence of books aimed at teenagers.
For Las Vegas Weekly on the rising fear on communism in the U.S.
For ESPN Fantasy football issue, Ron Landry
For Billboard magazine on the Amazon cloud music service.

Thanks so much to the amazing AD for inviting me on this fun ride.


Scott Brundage said...

Dude! Great drawing and textures going on here. That simple spot for WSJ has so much cool goin on in such a small space. Awesome.

pw! said...

strong imagery as always Raul! congrats!