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Friday, June 3, 2011

Album Design

hi everyone! it occurs to me i haven't gotten to share with some of you a few of the records i had fun working on this year. it's been a good balance of design as well as some clever packaging, and there are some ambitious ones coming up in the future too... in the meantime, in addition to all the drawing and painting i get to do, the restless artist in me loves the balance and practice of working on the variety of ideas and execution these fun vinyl records provide

(feel free to click images for larger views if you like)

first up was a one-of-a-kind die-line i got to work on (and it was a last minute rush too!) but the result was something we're all very proud of

i loved being able to use textures of papers and record sleeves that have been stacking up in the studio in order to give this LP some weathered meaning

these are the lyrics made scrap book style for an envelope that will house the vinyl LP

this was a fun take on the band's home state flag of FL based on the themes of the 7". we may actually screen-print actual flags for the release

Stephen Egerton is not only a mastermind turning knobs recording some of the best punk rock albums today, but he's the legendary guitarist of the Descendants and All. very excited and proud getting to work closely with him

for the right projects, i am sometimes asked to do hand done type for the lyrics page. this is as labor intensive as some of the full fledged illustrations i do for some bands, but the little touch makes a huge difference in my eyes (as a fan of music and packaging)

thanks for reading! just another facet of what i do, and a dream of mine i am grateful to be immersed in


Chris Whetzel said...

Peter, that tree die-line is pretty awesome!

Scott Altmann said...

beautiful stuff!

Victo Ngai said...

Beautiful design!Especially love the first one.