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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Honolulu mag new illo and first process post!

I was contacted by AD Cody Kawamoto from HONOLULU magazine for a really interesting illustration assignment. The article is about rehabilitating the troublesome wild donkeys roaming Hawaiian land and causing traffic and other problems. How often do one get to drawbad-asses? So of course I said yes.

The Final

I have been asked a lot about my process. So I thought maybe it's time to make a process post, it's actually quite straight forward and nothing magical-

The approved sketch-
I work half traditionally and half digitally. I enjoy this way of working as it allows me to create images with a wide range of media which are"incompatible" in nature. It also allows me to be really experimental with colors/texture and still able to deliver my work by the deadline safe and sound.
Usually after the sketch is approved, I go in and draw the line with pen and ink and the texture with various media like pencil, charcoal, crayon, pastel. etc

After I am done with the drawing board, I have everything scanned, composed and colored in Photoshop.


The layout-

Thanks for reading!


Jason Raish said...

this looks f'ing awesome! I love it. interesting to see your process. a lot like mine.

pw! said...

love seeing the process for such a lovely piece. just gorgeous. cheers!