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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sketches 2- Francis Vallejo

Hey folks. A few new pieces.

The top two monotypes were pulled at the very talented Andrew Wright's studio over New Year's. I love doing these. I tell myself I don't have access to the equipment, but Trey runs over his plates with his car. This I need to do.

The 3rd image is just me doodling girls, you know the usual. The last two images are warm ups I've been doing every morning. I draw one page of something and post it on my twitter. So far I'm on track...I began 9 days ago.

Also, please take a moment to consider donating a few dollars to the relief effort for Haiti. They are going through an incredibly tough time and need all the help possible. I know money is tight, but even a little will go a long way.

Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5
Visit this link to donate more.

take care,


Chris Whetzel said...

Francis, you draw too much. I feel dumb now.

pw! said...

absolutely gorgeous work